Ethereum Credit Cards

I just read The Divide by Matt Taibbi. Among many other horrors, he describes in chapter eight the collections process on delinquent credit cards, focusing in »

Scaling Copyright

Let's say we want register copyright for all the new pages on the web, in real time as they're posted. Every article, blog post, and comment. »

Security Beyond Solidity

In a previous article I wrote about various security flaws that can show up in Solidity, with some rules for avoiding them. There's another whole class »

Options Without Price Feeds

One downside of cryptocurrencies is their volatility. Businesses accepting crypto tend to immediately exchange it for fiat, to make sure they don't sell their products at »

Blind Auctions

The solidity docs have one way to make blind auctions: everybody submits a hash of their bid, and when the auction's over the bidders reveal the »


MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence has a project called ClimateColab, which attempts to crowdsource solutions to climate change via an annual contest. I just made finalist »